this year i am letting go of the past and future so i can just be here, now. in the present. i spend too much time wasting my energy on things that happened years ago, and spend too much time hoping for better things to come that i have completely lost myself. i feel as if i am living in limbo. stuck in a place that i really have no idea about. i focus heavily on what used to be, or what could be, i am completely missing what i have now. 

so goodbye to old friends, and welcome to new. 
some people have imprinted their mark on my heart in both good ways and bad but there are no grudges so i will kept a place in the back of my mind to remember them by, however, time has come to leave that old life and discover what is directly in front. 

to anyone who may read this and knows me personally, take time to think this over : “when my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it”. 

peace homies x

11.Jan.14 9 months ago